How to choose the wardrobe closet?

It is one of the most important purchases of the house, which must meet aesthetic but above all functional requirements. A wardrobe closet will contain clothes, underwear and accessories, in short, everything we need to go out the front door worthily. If you are a fashion victim do not spare yourself on the measures, if instead the clothes are for you just a way to cover yourself then you can play more on style. All that remains is to find out the tips to follow to choose the perfect wardrobe closet for you.

If you are looking for advice on how to choose the wardrobe made to measure for you, you are in the right place. Just follow a few simple steps to find the solution that best suits your needs.

What Type Are You?

If you are a real fashion victim, you love shopping and fashion is your reason for living, you will have to choose a spacious and super-equipped wardrobe. In this way all your clothes and the infinity of accessories related to your wardrobe will have a precise location and dressing in the morning will be a breeze. If, on the other hand, dressing is a bore for you and you need it just to be presentable, you could choose a slightly eccentric and particular wardrobe, perfect to characterize every corner of the house. Choosing the custom wardrobes  is important here.


Once you have fully understood your needs, you can proceed with the measurements of the room in which you are going to insert the wardrobe. These pieces of furniture are usually 60 cm deep, while length and height are variable. If it is a small bedroom advantage of the space in height, if instead the space is large, choose models that occupy the entire wall or corner solutions.


How to choose the wardrobe closet for a bedroom? If space permits, prefer the models of built-in wardrobes with hinged doors, which allow you to have a better view of the inside of the wardrobe. If, on the other hand, space is limited, you prefer sliding doors, which are still very stylish, or bridge wardrobes, perfect especially for children’s bedrooms.

Interior Accessories

The real difference in the organization of the wardrobe is the internal accessories, which will allow you to make the most of every inch of this piece of furniture. The furniture brands offer different solutions, ready to satisfy everyone’s needs: compartments, additional drawers, jewelry boxes, tie racks, … choose them according to the variety of your wardrobe.

It’s all a matter of taste or habit. Some like to have their shirts folded and others like to have their shirts hung up.Once you have completed the list of your needs, you will need to find the right place for each item.

A tip

Put everything you use every day at eye level (basket for underwear, shelves for polo shirts, trouser hanger). The lower spaces can be used for shoes but also for pajamas or storage boxes.But be careful, the more elements you add, the more the price goes up accordingly. To lighten the bill, many closets can be closed with a curtain, “dressing room” style.

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