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Fortnite is an open-world survival game developed by Epic Games in 2017 using the Unreal Engine 4. It gained wide popularity thanks to the Battle Royale mode.

The game was announced back in 2011 by Epic Games. The game, created by the author of the famous Unreal Tournament, immediately interested many fans of the studio. The following news about the game appeared only in 2014, the company said that the game will be free, and its closed alpha version will be available in December. Closed beta appeared in 2015 on Apple computers.

  • And already in 2017, the game appeared in early access, and any player could download Fortnight, but for a fee. In August, Epic Games confirmed that more than a million people are already playing Fortnite.  Now that with LoL Smurfs you can play the game and win easily.
  • Despite the fact that the game sold well, the game developers were not happy with the results, and the company was looking for opportunities to make the game more popular. Such an opportunity was the creation of the Fortnite Battle Royale mode, which made Fortnight the most popular game of 2018.

PS The game is still distributed for money, despite the fact that it was originally said that the project will be Free-to-Play.

About gameplay

Fortnite is a co-op survival sandbox in the genre of survival. At the first start of the game, users are greeted by the character creation editor. In it, a player can rank his character in one of four classes: ninja, builder, alien, commando. Each class has its own characteristics and a specific set of characteristics. For example, the builder is subject to the construction of huge buildings, and the class of “ninja” masterfully owns melee weapons.

  • At the beginning of the passage the player is given different weapons. You can use ranged weapons (shotgun and sniper rifle) and melee (knife, katana). Players can use the function of creating weapons, as well as self-tuning skills.
  • Storylines and game modes always delight users with their dynamics and detail of the world. In order to survive, it is necessary to build, strengthen, collect all kinds of useful resources and, directly, fight with opponents. The waves of monsters with each dark are getting stronger, so in the daytime it is better to devote yourself entirely to preparation. To avoid a lack of arsenal, it is better to share the duties of collecting it with your playmates.

The Starting of the Game

As stated in our article earlier, it is better to prepare in the afternoon. Engage in location research, construction, and fortification. In the game, you can build buildings of any type and for every taste. First, find the territory on which you want to build a base. Take care of clearing the selected location and start building. Buildings can be built of various materials: stone, metal or wood. And if your building suddenly turned out to be slightly different from the ideal, then all the buildings in the game can be adjusted.