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Track trends and statistics, change tactics or even strategy if the results do not satisfy or new trends appear happens to be customer oriented. Use the best for publications: the highest quality photos, interesting and easy to read texts. Create authoring content, do not skimp on the services of professional photographers and designers.

Actively interact with subscribers, be involved in their publication, like if your brand is mentioned on followers pages.

We add that it is also important to pay attention to all comments, so that the visitor feels his importance for the company, which takes into account his opinion and ratings. For the perfect instagram views this is important.

  • Instagram has the opportunity to publish videos, this is a great opportunity to diversify the content, complementing it with dynamic short stories.
  • Demonstrate clearly how a product or service is used in life, help solve problems, relieve the “pain” of the client. They work well in this case, for example, publications in the style of “it was before – it became after.”

Be open to visitors and the world as a whole, demonstrate transparency, honesty, friendliness, publish photos of company management and specialists, even stories from their lives. Instagram is a platform where, above all, a friendly tone in communication, an informal style is appreciated. Your visitors should be cozy, comfortable, interesting with you.

The most common brand promotion mistakes on Instagram

Use topics that cannot be represented using photos

Instagram is primarily a photoset, in fact, a “magazine with pictures,” people come here for food for the eyes. Therefore, for advertising it is necessary to create bright and attractive photos. Tip: use professional image processing, attract an experienced photographer.

Pay little attention to the text

At the same time, the  userInstagram likes not only to look at beautiful interesting photos, but also read something on the topic of publication. That is why an advertising campaign requires a good copywriter, able to prepare fascinating texts.

It is not enough to activate, engage visitors

Instagram is a social platform, and therefore interactivity is the most important factor in the success of advertising. Competitions, polls, prize draws, various promotions – all this helps to increase the audience, engage it in communication and ultimately leads to an increase in conversion (i.e. sales).

According to statistics, the most interesting to the audience are posts about sales: approximately 72%, 60% want to learn about new products, 59% of the audience want to learn new things.

Incorrect optimization

First of all, pay attention to hashtags. You do not need to use too many hashtags: this confuses the visitor, harms the effectiveness of the search. But also a very small number of hashtags is bad for efficiency.

A lot of purely advertising content

In an advertising campaign it is undesirable to use exclusively direct advertising, this scares off the client. To attract attention, informational and entertaining publications are needed.

To wind up likes and subscribers through automated services

Buying likes, winding followers through automatic services, we get only the appearance of the result. In this case, the sales level still does not increase. In addition, the social network can negatively regard the cheating, and this will affect the account and the advertising campaign as a whole.