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Remember the main thing, the game file with the settings of all-all ships is in the assets \ specs \ sfbspc13.txt directory. First save a copy of this file somewhere else. Now remove the Read Only attribute from this file and start poking around in it. It should be opened by Excel.

The right values

Engine power values ​​(in units) are in the parameters Impulse, Apr, Battery. The only catch is that more than 150 units cannot be squeezed by the engines of Federation ships. With the best valorant boosting this is important.

Protection (shield) is divided into six planes, covering the entire ship. The values ​​in the case of this fleet are divided so that each parameter is two sides. Thus, the protection settings are in Shield 1, Shield 2_6, Shield 3_5, Shield 4, Shield Total. The maximum permissible value for protecting Federation ships is 2000. Shield Total is the sum of (Shield 1) + ((Shield 2_6) X 2) + ((Shield 3_5) X 2) + Shield 4).

Creating yourself

Cloaking is very simple, find the value of Cloak number and set a value that will mean the amount of energy spent for this Cloak itself.

  • The maximum number of shuttles that you can buy at a time while in the dock should exceed the base exactly three times. The maximum allowable value is 30 ships. In the launch rate parameter, you can change the number of shuttles launched from the ship, after which the ship has to recharge. If you want to add fighters to the ship, find the fighter bay value and set it to 6 (no longer possible , the game will freeze). Thus, four fighter groups of six each will be available to us.
  • The movement of the ship is located at the turn mode and move cost addresses. In the first, it is better to indicate the value of AA, then you will have the fastest ships in the entire Federation. In move cost, where energy costs are ordered for each turn, put .25 (a quarter unit).

You can increase your prestige like this

Start the game for the Federation. You must have an F-FF frigate. Save the game, exit on Windows and open the above file in Excel. Find the BPV value. In the line with F-FF, change the value to 1000 or higher. Save the file, run the game again. Download the save game, go to the Shipyard menu and sell the ship. In exchange with money you will receive additional prestige points.