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Like many, do you think the hard part is choosing the color? You will quickly realize that many details are important in order not to beat around the bush. We often let ourselves be guided naturally by our painter, but know that specialized showrooms will advise you even better. Furthermore, the finishes are not the same depending on the brand. Some, more nuanced than the others, will have different degrees of gloss. For the painters and decorators north london you can now find the best deals available.

New generation

In the ecological era, new generation paints are popular. Ecological pigments, VOC classification, traditional method and acrylic (water) or alkyd paint are appearing in everyday language.

Despite popular belief, these paintings adapt to all supports: walls, ceilings, woodwork and even metal. The drying time is 6 hours or even 4, depending on the finish, compared to 8 or 12 hours previously. This means that in one day it is possible to apply two coats of paint, saving considerable time in terms of manpower.

Acrylic paint

This paint is the most used and recommended, especially when it comes to repainting our interiors. As it is dilutable with water, your brushes and rollers will be washed without using solvents. It produces much less VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is therefore recommended especially for children’s rooms.


High-end paints have higher prices. Their color chart will appear to you less provided but this is due to their policy of respect for the environment, your health and the sharp research of colors, making them authentic or even unique.

Do not hesitate to invest in a painting made with natural pigments in your room. The A + label which governs indoor air emissions will also be a good benchmark.

Choose your color

  • There are several factors to consider. Your personal taste, of course, but also the orientation of your house or apartment.
  • Here are the “golden rules” not to be overlooked.

North oriented: Contrary to popular belief, white is to be avoided because it will turn gray due to the lack of natural light. Prefer more pastel colors. Find inspiration from our Scandinavian friends.

Oriented to the east: With this orientation, warm colors are ideal for warming up your living space in the morning. In the evening, the light and therefore the heat of the sun will no longer be there.

Classic Chic Living Room Luxury Apartment

  • Oriented to the west: Your room will be contrasted at the end of the day, which means that the sun will be strongly present in the evening. So you can have fun with cool colors like pastel blue or duck green, very trendy.
  • South facing: This is the ideal orientation. Present throughout the day, the light will sublimate your hot and cold colors. Have fun.