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Have the SMS online to avoid regional restrictions. There are situations when a network project does not allow people from certain countries to register. This may happen due to some bureaucratic delays, for example, if one of the resource’s partners purchased exclusive rights to work with users in their region. But generally the reason is much more banal: SMS messages from national operators simply do not reach the foreign recipient. Our service solves this problem by providing numbers to receive SMS from different countries.

User manual

The service principle is extremely simple. Users do not need to register and complete any form with personal data, just read the list of numbers currently available and choose the best option for them (someone will need a English temporary phone number, someone, French, etc.). Everyone will just have to copy the sequence of numbers and enter it in the resource, which requires confirmation by SMS. If the SMS reception was successful, a new message with important information will soon appear on the page of the number.

Didn’t it work the first time? Not a big deal

Many sites and services experience problems with SMS delivery to specific carrier numbers. So it makes sense to try other phones. Also, messages sometimes arrive late due to sender or network failure, in this case, it is worth waiting 2-3 minutes.

The characteristics of the project suggest that the virtual numbers to receive SMS for free change periodically. Users should be aware of this fact using our resource for records. If you plan to forward the SMS from the service where the account is registered on the attached phone, for example, in a month or two, it is far from being a fact that it will continue to be active. Consequently, you cannot read all the text sent to the specified address, as well as to restore access in case of loss of the login / password or the inability to log in to the email account.

How our service works

A virtual phone number is provided to receive SMS for free, which can be received by every visitor to this site, due to the presence at our disposal of a large number of real SIM cards from existing cellular operators. The term “virtual” in the title appears only because the numbers are available to users exclusively online, upon entering the page with a list of messages. Accordingly, the SMS delivery time is based on the capabilities of the mobile service provider and its current workload (typically, from time of delivery to time of receipt, it takes less than five seconds).