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We have all the women who matter in our lives: between our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters, our aunts, our best friends, the list goes on. And our common wish is to make them happy. This goes through a lot of little everyday attentions of which the cards are part. Indeed, there is nothing like tender words received in her mailbox to feel loved, especially on her birthday. So go to your pens and your cameras to make the most beautiful birthday card. As a bonus, Fizzer reveals 10 birthday texts for women. There are the wishes that you can find perfect for the birthday.

New the birthday reminder allows you to add the birthday of your contacts to the Fizzer address book. Once the date has been entered, you will receive an email reminder 7 days before D-Day, so that you can send your birthday card on time.

“Hello, old branch”

“Hello, old branch. Happy Birthday. I want to congratulate you for not having aged despite your advanced age. It is true that to say that you are x years old, it reminds me that we have been friends for x years. It does not make us younger. But in our head we are always so mad and that’s what matters. Do not change anything.”

“Baby mama”

“My darling, where to start? Already by, happy birthday. Then thank you for being the great mom that you are, without whom I would be nothing. Thank you for your constant support, your outspokenness (and your wise advice on my evening wear.), Your kindness and so many other qualities that you have. You’re the best.”

“Happy Birthday my love”

“Happy Birthday my love. On this beautiful day when you are celebrating your x years, I want to remind you how proud I am of you. You have accomplished things since we met. I wish you to continue your momentum and I look forward to continuing to be by your side as you progress in life. I love you. “

“Wonderful birthday my very beautiful”

“Wonderful birthday my very beautiful. How proud for a mom / dad to have a girl as amazing as you. You are a real ray of sunshine that lights up all around her. Even if sometimes I feel like you are still my little baby, I realize how much you have grown and you have become an accomplished person. Big kisses my treasure. “

“Happy birthday to the best of sisters”

“Happy birthday to the best sister.” Thank you for all these moments of complicity, these giggles, these well-kept secrets, these unforgettable adventures, these exchanges of clothes, good okay, sometimes without your knowledge, oops. Anyway, what would I do without you? Continue to be that sister, and that awesome person that you are.”